TIMeITNow Products...

Not only does TIMeITNow provide a useful tool for monitoring the cost of conference room meetings, but the device also delivers entertainment with its whimsical flexibility...

Attendees can go up to 999 billion (a few more than all the people and large animals on earth). Events can run over a full year, and attendees can average as much as $999.999 million per hour. Before long that can add up to real money!

The device also has a selection of wood frames and display font colors - so you can customize it to suit your taste or mood.

Run TIMeITNow in a Web Browser on a PC, Mac or smart mobile device.

Run TIMeITNow Standalone Web App on Apple® iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad™.

Download TIMeITNow Dashboard Widget to run on Apple® Mac OS® 10.4+.

Download TIMeITNow Windows Gadget to run on Microsoft® Windows® Vista®/7+.

Send us an email if you are interested in running TIMeITNow on other platforms - or if you are interested in commercial TIMeITPro™ software and/or conference room hardware - with advanced professional features - including networking.