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TIMeITNow is brought to you by Jeff Rutan. It started as a joke - an idea Jeff had in the mid 1990s when he was spending too much time in meetings at his job as a software/systems engineer for a large defense company. In 2005, Jeff's friend (Amir Hirsch) suggested turning this whimsical concept into a real product.

Producing hardware is an expensive process, but a software simulation requires only some after-hours coding. Apple® had recently released a new version of its Mac OS® with built-in support for Widgets. So Jeff made the first version of TIMeITNow as a Mac Dashboard Widget. Since then Jeff has used TIMeITNow as a learning project for a variety of software technologies. This website is a collection of those programming exercises.

Jeff holds a regular day job, but he also dabbles in a number of personal projects. In addition to this website (, the following represent some of those ventures: - a summary of Jeff's 3D product design and development projects. - plans for building aircraft and spacecraft LEGO® models. - a Luxology® modo® 3D user group Jeff leads in San Diego, CA.

Stay tuned for more to come!